Don't Jump

Being Intentional

January 20, 2021 | 2 Minute Read

Wow has 2021 started at an incredible pace for me. Getting back into the projects I'm working on as [DSF]( and picking up with clients where we left off in 2020.

This year I decided needed to be different to how 2020 eanded for me. I was at my end, frustrated and tired. I’m the sort of person that can’t say no. I want to help everyone and never stop to consider the cost of that help. I’m not talking about the financial cost; although that is there; but I’m more referring to the time things take. Saying yes to one thing has a time cost, and that time needs to be paid up from the 24 hours of time you have. Either you have spare time that is not allocated, or you have time that needs to come out of somewhere else.

What I was doing, is taking time out of any time allocated for exercise and sleep, and that affected my health in all sorts of bad ways as I’m sure you can imagine. I started working nights, some weekends and slowly but surely I was heading for burnout at the very least.

So what did I change?

What I’m doing this year is being very intentional about what I’m doing. I have bought a little notebook and every day before I start my day I review the previous day’s notes and todo items. Then I start a new page or section for things that I want to achieve today. As I get things done, I tick it off in the todo list and move to the next one. This does not mean that every item on that list has to be completed today either, I use them more as a guide to keep me on track with what I’m up to and what needs to get done. I’ve realised there is always a tomorrow with another 24 hours that I can do tasks in. So tasks can move over from the previous day. That’s not to say that deadlines don’t matter, but at the same time, not everything is urgent or has deadlines like I used to treat them. Some things can wait.

What I’ve liked so far about this little routine I’m developing is that I can easily see this list when people ask me “if I have time for…“ something. I can see what is planned, how long these tasks may take and if I can slot anything more in. I can also plan ahead and put a task for the future and know that that time is booked. This process has saved my sanity quite a bit I have to admit. I’m sure there will be tweaks along the way, but overall, it’s working for me for now.